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Who am I? Does it matter so much? I could be anyone; after all, I am a fiction writer 😉

Let me see…I am a writer. I write things, not always good or interesting things, but things nonetheless.  Feel free to contact me for obituary scribbling….the person doesn’t even have to be dead, it could just be in the planning stages.

What else?

I am English, this means…well I actually write in English, so I put lots of U’s in my words like they should be, although I don’t drink tea, vile stuff really, I like coffee, black, strong and like tar.

I was resurrected in the year 1976. Not that I was dead before, I just was…

I like rock music and thriller movies, have GSOH, WLTM…..wait…wrong about me page.

I’m crazy and I write books, just read them. That is all. *Smirk*

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Cuts Like An Angel – by Mason Sabre & Lucian Bane

16296050_10154832919130242_925451204_nHe never called the helplines. The one time he did, it was to say goodbye … to anybody, before leaving the world. Rosie … that was her name. She’d given it when she wasn’t supposed to. She said things that made him burn to live.
And he would. He’d find a way to hide his darkness so that he could dance with her, just a single dance, in the liquid sunshine of her laugh.

And maybe … maybe he’d taste her. But only once.






The rain was heavy against the window, but the rat-a-tat-tat was more rhythmic than annoying. It had a calming facet to it. William watched the droplets on the glass as they slid down idly, like tiny water warriors on the glass. One droplet landed, clinging until the one above lost its grip and slid down the window pane, taking others with it. Sometimes a new droplet would land directly onto the one clinging for presence, for its space, the territory that belonged to it—only for a moment. Like people in his life … coming, going, never really clinging on.

The rain—Mother Nature’s song if anyone cared to listen, the music of her heart. Rain water falling, echoes in the otherwise silent night. The rain fell from the drains at the edge of the roof, the guttering overwhelmed from all the storms they’d had recently. The night almost cried for him—tears that he could no longer weep himself. Tears for the boy under the stairs.

The water flowed, echoing into the empty alleyway below at the side of the house—tiny tin drums of nature’s orchestra.
In the garden, his mother’s tulips held cups of water, bowing only when overburdened by the weight of it and then spilling over.

The notes of the night song played through the darkness, and soothed William’s skin. He raised his arm, staring at it with the moonlight that came in through the window. He traced his fingertips along each cut, some new, some old—all of them holding the invitation to play in mother nature’s band. He could bring the painful edge to the music, the part of the song that made you cry.


 Watch Over You: A Fantasy Romance


Three years after her husband’s death, Tara Saunders is still unable to move on. Guilt holds her hostage, and she knows that she can never forgive herself for causing Eric’s death. When Tara meets Devan, a homeless man who seems to have been linked to Eric in some way, she decides to follow him. Desperate to find some connection with her late husband, Tara seeks it through Devan, but the truth that he holds is not one that Tara is willing to accept. As Tara inches closer to the truth, an invisible clock begins ticking …








She shook her head and tried to pull free. With a sudden oath, he captured her face, holding it firm between his hands, and planted his mouth hard against hers. He kissed her the way he wanted to – hungry and needing. Like a man who had been starving for three years…and he had. He kissed away every fear she had. Every thought that made her more scared than the last. He kissed her so hard that all she would be able to think about was him and only him. He kissed her the way he had wanted to that day at the cemetery. He growled in satisfaction when he felt her melt against him. “Do you feel that Tara?” he asked gruffly when he released her mouth. “Do you feel me inside your mind?”

She nodded.

“I’m not like them. I promise. I can’t explain it to you right now, but I need for you to trust me. Can you do that?”

She didn’t answer.

“I won’t let them hurt you. Whatever happens, okay?” He caught her hand in his again and then pressed their joined hands over her heart. “Do you feel your heartbeat? You feel me in there? You have to trust me. Your heart trusts me.” Taking hold of her other hand, he pressed it over his heart. “Do you feel my heart beating?”

She nodded again and whispered. “Yes.”

“Close your eyes Tara. Feel our heartbeats. Do you feel them?”

They drummed together. Two hearts beating as one.

She opened her eyes slowly, calmer. “How is that possible?”

“I promise to you that I will explain. I can’t right now. We have to leave. Trust me?”

She gave a weak nod and he let go of her hands, certain this time that she would not run away.

Seraph: A Society 16295236_10154832918480242_1142235753_nSeries Novella
(no blurb, coming Feb’17)


 Key in hand, Nina dropped in front of the box. Her skirt flapped out.  “Damn thing,” she said as she pulled the fabric back and shoved it under her knees. The lock on the box opened with a relieving click, but inside that box was another one—a smaller one. She lifted it out delicately. It was like a small music box that little girls play with—a sweet song playing as they try on their jewels and decorations. She pushed the lid off it, but there was no musical ballerina in hers. No, instead it was another ball. The ball was connected to the key at the back. She turned it a quarter inch and closed her eyes, letting herself picture the store in her mind, the images, all the screaming and the chaos … searching for a vessel close to him that she could use.

“Ahh.” One in the southwest corner, a woman. Hiding. Nina turned the key another inch, pulling the image of the woman into her mind, pushing away everything from around her so it was only her and the woman. When she opened her eyes, she was on her side, hands over her head. The scent of blood and urine and faeces made Nina gag, and she slammed her hand over her mouth as bile rose in her very Human chest.

A body fell to the ground beside her. Falling onto his back, his lifeless eyes staring at Nina. Blood spilled from the corners of his mouth, frothing almost. His nose and half a cheek was missing. Shit. Scrambling to her knees, Nina dashed behind one of the shelving units. Frightened faces watched her as she hid from Arioch before he found her. He was bound by the vessel he wore. Bound by their needs and wants. It wasn’t like Nina’s. Nina’s vessel met all her requirements—a true vessel. Aside from her wings, she pretty much retained all her powers, but she didn’t trust that Arioch wouldn’t have his. He would sense her there if he had any power inside.

She traced his footfalls and then dashed around the back just as Arioch came into view.

“Is someone hiding from me?” he called out, his voice like a song. The bastard was enjoying this. “Oh. Come on now. No need to be shy. We’re all friends here.”


Exile: A Society Book
(no blurb, coming March 2017)





A movement in the corner of the cell caught Stephen’s attention. Tensing, ready to fight off any threat, he leaned forward slowly on his hands and knees.

On the ground, where he had just crawled from, lay the pitiful remnants of a small child. The tiny body lying in the dirt, dark curls of hair covering her dirt-smeared face. She could be no more than five. Her eyes were open, watching Stephen, every ounce of pain that she had endured reflected in them.

Her eyes stayed locked with his. Barb wire tangled around her small, thin wrists and ankles. Stephen rubbed at his own, the echo of the feeling from before alive on his skin. She didn’t move. She did nothing. Not even cry. She just stared at him, her shallow breaths rattling through parted, chapped lips. Stephen edged closer to her; she made no attempt to move away, but her eyes followed his every move. He fumbled as he tried to untie her wrists without causing her any more undue pain. He undid the wire around her ankles, his teeth clenching in anger when he saw how the barbs had stuck in her flesh. They had been in there so long that the skin had begun to heal around them. Who the fuck had done this to a small, helpless child? When he tried to pull the wire away gently, some of the scabbed skin came with it, pulling a gooey infected mess out with it. He winced for her as he continued to remove it, but the little girl made no sounds. When she was free of all her binds, Stephen offered his hand out to her. She hesitated at first, looking too weary to move. But then, with a small, weak smile, she reached for him. Small fingers—feathers in the breeze—touched and then rested in his hand. He lifted her frail body onto his lap, taking pains not to touch any of her wounds or hurt her, and wrapped his arms protectively around her.

The frailty of her bones made him frown—there was no weight to her. She leaned her head against his shoulder, and he raised a hand to stroke her hair as he stared at the empty shell she had left on the floor in the corner—small and broken. She had no need for it any longer.

Stephen closed his eyes. It was her time. Her pain was gone. Her suffering was over. “It’s okay,” he whispered as he held her closer to him. “You can go now. I’m with you.”

Her warm breath danced across his skin, and he felt her smile against his neck. Tears rolled down her pale cheeks, and he kissed one as he stroked gentle fingers along her arm.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Broken Snow: A Society Novella


Money hunters. That’s what they call them. A bunch of underground vigilantes sweeping the area for anyone out of curfew or breaking the law.

Mel Morris, a snow leopard and self-proclaimed recluse, finds herself in more trouble than she can imagine. All she was doing was heading to town for supplies … but … catching the eye of one of the money hunters’ spotters, Mel walks into a danger that she didn’t realise had been following her all along.

There’s a secret, though. These money hunters aren’t just looking for criminals … they were looking for her. A shifter caught in a race, and she is the prize.




Mel inhaled deeply, her senses alive. The scent of him as the steam rolled out of the shower was enough to drive her fucking crazy. She covered her eyes with her hands and resisted the urge to scream in frustration. This wasn’t how it was meant to be. Nothing was. As if she had become possessed with this deep need to watch him, she let her hands drop once more. He rubbed soap into his short brown hair, lathering it up and she watched as the suds rolled down his strong back. Jesus Christ, this was so wrong. She followed the trail of soap as the water washed it down … down to the dip in his back, across the firm cheeks of his backside. Her breathing grew more ragged and her lips parted involuntarily. Her leopard pushing thoughts into her mind that she didn’t want to entertain. She had resigned herself to the fact that she would have no one; it was better that way.

Even while she reminded herself of that, Mel’s canines descended as heat seared her body, igniting all the parts of her that she tried to keep tempered. She was fighting a losing battle, and Nigel wasn’t helping the situation. His rich scent called to her leopard. What would his skin feel like under her hands? Warm, firm … slick from the soap? Mel swallowed hard and tried to focus her mind.


Death Awakening: A Society Novella

16295515_10154832917905242_690054006_nThey call it Moon-Night.

The night when the moon rises high in the sky, fully visible for all to see, is the time Humans venture outside in hopes of catching a glimpse of Others for their personal entertainment—shifters transformed, strange dark creatures, all answering the call of the moon.

Yvette is a vampire who works in a bar owned by a panther shifter called Raven. It is one of the few bars in their community in which Others and Humans can mingle. Restless shifters, blood lusting vampires, supercilious Humans … the night is filled with them.

But what happens when the doors close tonight? What long-buried evil awaits Yvette? A dark force will awaken—one that will change her life, and those of the people around her.



The creature licked along her skin with a dry, bristly tongue, like sandpaper across her skin. Yvette braced herself as she watched his lips curl back and his fangs extend. With a hiss, he gripped her arm tightly and pierced her flesh. Yvette gasped, the sharp pain from the bite quickly subsiding and turning into a feeling of such exquisite ecstasy that Yvette’s eyes rolled back in her head. Troy was the only vampire to have ever bitten Yvette after her maker. Only he had shared blood in moments of intimacy. The bite, the giving of life, it was something close to orgasmic between them. Yvette let her head fall back in pleasure. So much power flowed through her veins, stealing her words, her thoughts, and her entire sense of being from her. He could drain her right now, and she wouldn’t fight it. She would die in his arms happy and content. Maybe the Humans had, too, she thought vaguely through a hazy bliss.

He drank from her, long and deep, creating a wholeness inside her that she couldn’t understand. Unable to keep her eyes open, she gave herself over to the ecstasy that she had only ever experienced with her husband.

When he had finished, he licked across the two small wounds and sealed them. Then, placing a small kiss on her wrist, he let go of her arm. She tried to look at him, but her mind was delirious and drunk on whatever he had done, her body weak. He lowered her to the ground, leaning her against the cold stone that held his coffin. “Thank you,” he said. His voice was thicker now, deeper words that fitted a man much younger than the rotting corpse she had encountered. She blinked long and hard, trying to focus herself. “You will heal in a moment.”

Hidden: A Society Book

16237442_10154832917710242_103970658_nIn a world divided between Humans and Others—a breed of shifters—certain rules are set that cannot be broken. Yet, between these two worlds are the strays, outcasts who no longer have a place in the world of Others. Cathy and Jeff, a couple long cast aside, run a free clinic for those Society has rejected. They seek to do what is right and help those who find themselves out in the cold, alone and forsaken, as they once were.

What happens, however, when the shifter who saved their lives calls to collect the debt he is owed? A pregnant shifter is coming their way and not only must they help deliver the baby, but they need to commit the most heinous crime that could be perpetrated against two young parents. Cathy and Jeff must steal their newborn baby.

The choice is theirs, but the wrong decision could mean the life they have fought years to build for themselves being snatched away by the very one who helped give it to them in the first place. Powerful in the world of shifters, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Do they choose to save their own lives, or do they sacrifice themselves for the life of an illegitimate child?



“We did everything we could.”

Cade went to speak, but there was no sound. His mouth was moving as the words sank in, and he understood what she was saying. He shook his head, motioning with his hands the soundless words that refused to come out. Cathy put her hands to her mouth to stop from crying out as she watched him begin to crumble in front of her.

Stephen swore and went for Cade as his legs began to give way. He dropped onto his knees on the cold, tiled floor, everything crashing inside and out. He caught Cade as he lurched forwards, wrapping big arms around him. Cade clutched at his head and howled, the sound gut-wrenching. Cathy had to look away from them and put her hands to her ears to muffle the sounds. She couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t hear his cries as his grief began to consume him. Stephen held onto him fiercely, not letting his friend fall to the ground. He held him as he hollered his pain out.

Dark Veil: A Society Book

16296047_10154832917520242_370550308_nFor the past two years, Cade MacDonald and Gemma Davies have been forced to hide their illicit affair from the Other world, where mating with a species different to your own defies every law and mandate of Society. Considered an indefensible act, it is punishable by banishment from their community, or even worse, by death. However, Cade and Gemma experience a bond few ever do, wolf and tiger connecting deeply and irrevocably. Against all odds, their relationship flourishes and solidifies despite the difficulties.

Yet now, they suddenly find themselves faced with obstacles and danger they could never have imagined. Not only is their relationship and place in Society at stake, but their lives—as well as those close to them—are at risk. Their enemies are many, and the battles they need to overcome seemingly insurmountable. Will they be able to defeat their adversaries, and more importantly, will their love manage to prevail above all else?


He stopped just short of her, and before she had the chance to react in any way, his arms slid around her waist and drew her hard against the solid steel of his chest. His mouth came down on hers and, just like that, she was lost.

He didn’t break their kiss as he pulled her into his office, kissing her with such hunger that it called to her tiger, pulling it from the depths of her soul. His lips were warm against hers, sweet with a hint of coffee that still lingered there. She moaned into the kiss, welcoming the feel of stubble against her skin—she slowly lost all resolve. She held onto him, dragging him closer as her fingers dug into the hard muscle of his shoulders. Her breathing became ragged as his hands moved up and found the top button to her blouse. He flicked it open and then worked his way down. When his fingers touched her skin, she sucked in a shuddering breath and dug her nails into his back. Oh, god. She knew she had to stop him now or there would be no going back.

“Cade,” she breathed against his mouth. “Cade …”

He wasn’t listening, though. He moved from her mouth, trailing kisses along her neck, sucking and biting as he went. Her mind threatened to make an exit at the pleasure that invaded her senses. She clutched at his shirt with tight fists.

Cade, please. I need to talk to you.”

His fingers froze and his head lifted so he could look at her. His eyes searched hers and she tried to blink away the tears that suddenly sprang forward. He frowned and all at once his hands were gently cupping her face. “Gem?”

The tone of his voice, the concern on his face—it was enough. She leaned into him and buried her face in his chest, unable to hold back her tears any longer. Selfishly, she held onto him as she sobbed.

“What’s wrong?” He held her tightly, the wolf needing to protect his mate.

She pressed her face into his chest and pressed closer, wishing she could just melt into him. His heart thudded in his chest, its rhythm calming her somewhat. She felt like such a liar. She was about to break his heart, but she was using him for her own comfort first. His hard chest rose and fell in tandem with his breathing. His concern was evident, and she clung onto him as if he would vanish with the next breath she took—and maybe he would, with her words at least…

Cade: A Society Book

16237779_10154832917255242_399399680_nCade MacDonald is a man who has always had a sense of right and wrong. He fights for justice and does not back down in the face of danger. As a member of Others, a supernatural race of powerful, fierce shifters, who do not accept or sympathise with any Humans, or any race other than their own, he now finds himself in a battle with the Other Society’s leaders as they oppose his attempt to save the life of a young half-breed.

Fighting to do the right thing, Cade is simultaneously faced with the unexpected attraction he feels for his best friend’s sister. Having grown up with Gemma, he is confused and torn at the strong pull of his wolf towards this beautiful tiger.

Willing to accept any repercussions of his rebellious actions, will he go as far as to lose the love of his life in the process?




He captured her mouth with his once again, hard, hungrily, as if he couldn’t get enough. He couldn’t sate this need inside him—couldn’t stop the fire raging in his veins. His mind screamed to take her, his wolf clawing at him, demanding it.  In one fluid movement, he lifted her, making Gemma gasp. She wrapped her legs around his waist and Cade groaned from the sheer pleasure of having her pressed so intimately against him.

As he turned and walked toward the house Cade’s tongue plunged in, tasting the sweetness of her mouth, and Gemma gasped and opened willingly. She pressed closer, her thighs clenching tighter around his lean waist, and Cade moaned. They reached his car and he shoved her against the hard metal, pressing against her and then biting down on her lip. She whimpered and he ran his tongue across the hurt to ease it. When Cade suddenly stopped, Gemma was panting breathlessly.

Cade had lost the ability to think. He didn’t care about anything. It was too late. Too many times he had fought this and for what? To feel the agonising pain of it every minute of every god damn day? Too many times he had walked away. Too many times he had let her go, but he wasn’t going to this time. He wasn’t letting her go. He let her slide down his body, his body shuddering from the feel of her. “Come with me,” he whispered against her mouth, ready to beg if she said no.

He stepped back from her, breathing hard. Keeping his eyes on hers, he held out his hand. This was the moment. He had made his decision and now she had to make hers—it had to be hers. What she chose next had to be what she wanted. It was all on her.

The Rise of the Phoenix: A Society Novella


Cast out by his own family after a wolf’s bite infects him, a young thirteen-year-old boy is forced to roam the streets and fend for himself. In a world of Humans and Others, he belongs to neither. No longer considered Human, but nor a purebred Other, a race of powerful supernatural beings, he will be unwanted and hunted by both.
Danger lurks at every turn. Young, vulnerable and afraid, he tries to come to terms with the physical changes taking place in him while at the same time trying to find a way to survive.
In a menacing world filled with threats and hate, is there any hope of salvation for this orphaned fledgling?



The boy didn’t think. They were one now – boy and wolf. He was in a partially shifted form, hands deformed paws with claws. One snatched out, fast. It connected with cloth and flesh. Guttural screams pierced the air. The boy didn’t let go. He dug deeper, thrusting his hand up and out. He wrapped his clawed fingers around something soft, warm and wet, and then he pulled with everything he had in him. He let out a feral scream of his own. Blood spurted all over him, covering his face, going into his mouth and igniting the hunger that he had denied for so long.

The boy was beyond it now. The wolf had emerged fully. His nostrils flared as he rolled onto his side. Hunger so deep drove his mind to the brink of madness, and he brought his hand to his mouth and bit down onto what he was holding. Desperation made him force flesh and tissue into his mouth. Pushing each part in until he was almost choking. He pushed in more than he could ever dare to chew, but his mouth changed shape, the large teeth now forcing his mouth open. His bones pushed out, forming a wolf’s snout. He could hear screams and cries, but he could no longer feel the blows against him. He rose up – half boy, half wolf. His bag was on the ground and next to him lay Fat boy…his stomach torn open, his arms and legs twitching.

Almost retching, the boy snatched up his bag and ran.



Cuts Like An Angel — Amazon US | UK 

Watch Over You — Amazon US | UK

*Preorder* Seraph (February 2017) — Amazon USUK 

*Preorder* Exile: A Society Book (March 2017) — Amazon US | UK

 Broken Snow — Amazon US | UK 

Death Awakening — Amazon US | UK

Hidden — Amazon US | UK

Dark Veil — Amazon US | UK

Cade — Amazon US | UK

Phoenix — Amazon US | UK


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