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Books have always been an escape for me.

I’m sure many of you are wondering,

“Why the heck would anyone want to talk about books?!”

Growing up, my mother taught me the value of words-written, spoken, or in any other form.

This slowly created a love in my soul for all things words. Songs. Books. Conversations. Poetry. ALL OF IT. As an adult, this love has not dwindled.

I look up to authors. Authors create their own world, universe, and story. It’s not about a happily every after (although those are swell!), it’s about the journey. Meeting new friends (and enemies), joining them on their journey, and experiencing a life outside your own.

This blog is to share my adventures in the book world!
Whether I travel to exotic lands, fall in love, or have my heart broken, I’m taking YOU along for the ride!

If you’re an author exploring my page, I’d love to hear from you!

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My overall goal here is to share stories with all of you. I want fellow readers to know enough to be interested in new stories & give you the resources to find new works you love!

Will you always agree with my reviews? I hope not!
But I do hope that in sharing all I do here, it can help lead you to a new author or series which could enhance your reading!

I am beyond excited to share my favorite words with you. Always feel welcome to comment with suggestions or your own current read! 

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