Ramblings of a Bookworm … literally. I ramble.

“Why the heck would anyone want to talk about books?!”

Growing up, my mother taught me the value of words-written, spoken, or in any other form.

This slowly created a love in my soul for all things words. Songs. Books. Conversations. Poetry. ALL OF IT. As an adult, this love has not dwindled.


I look up to authors. Authors create their own world, universe, and story. It’s not about a happily every after (although those are swell!), it’s about the journey. Meeting new friends (and enemies), joining them on their journey, and experiencing a life outside your own.

This blog is to share my adventures in the book world!
Whether I travel to exotic lands, fall in love, or have my heart broken, I’m taking YOU along for the ride!

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My overall goal here is to share stories with all of you. I want fellow readers to know enough to be interested in new stories & give you the resources to find new works you love!

Will you always agree with my reviews? I hope not!
But I do hope that in sharing all I do here, it can help lead you to a new author or series which could enhance your reading!

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