Book Review: Fool Me Once, Nikki Ash

“Lies are flimsy. The truth is strong. You can’t build anything solid using lies.”

At the beginning, I wasn’t quite sure about Blakely & Sierra. I mean, I totally felt their pain and saw the suffering they had endured in losing people they loved, but there was a vibe I couldn’t mesh with. As the story continued, though, I began to see more to each of them and found myself connecting more with them. When Blakely meets Keegan at the beach, I was sooooo happy for her! I loved seeing her smile and let loose enough to actually enjoy life. I could also feel the sparks through the pages. It was more than just chemistry, it was something deeper.

Later, after Blakely and Sierra have returned to life and rediscovered their love for each other, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Although their familial bond is strong, they face a lot of struggles together. I really enjoyed seeing their bond strengthen and grow into such a beautiful friendship.

There’s a lot that happens that influenced how I felt about this book, but I can’t reveal it here — you NEED to experience those twists and turns yourself! I will say that I LOVE Keegan and Kolton’s family, how they respond to everything being tossed around, and the love that grows EVERYWHERE in this story. By the end, I can say that Sierra sort of became my favorite and I would LOVE to have a story letting us see her work out of her grief and into the beauty of life she is living later.

Overall a great story, beautiful love, unique characters, and yet another world I’d love to stay in.

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