Book Review: Roughing the Kicker, Eden Butler

Roughing the Kicker (Saints and Sinners, #1)Roughing the Kicker by Eden Butler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

He wondered if touching her had ever felt that good before. He couldn’t quite remember it. Most of all, he wondered where his logic had gone and what kind of storm kissing her had just unleashed.

This was a really interesting perspective, seeing as women currently don’t have a place in the NFL. It was unique to have a woman’s voice in a male dominated sport’s story. I loved how tough she was and how she truly wanted to earn her spot because she loved being that person for so many women.

And, WOWZA can Ryder hold a grudge! Now, the circumstances being what they were, it was completely understandable for him to be angry and even to be angry for a while, but for the strength of their relationship in the past, I was disappointed that he couldn’t let Reese ever tell her side of the story, especially when it was so evident she was in pain, too.

Second chance stories aren’t always my favorite, but I did enjoy seeing these characters find their way back to one another. I loved that the road wasn’t smooth and that there was quite a bit they needed to deal with, but that the struggles they faced were real. There were some sections that I would’ve like to see more, but overall a good read.

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