Book Review: Disgrace, Brittainy C. Cherry

DisgraceDisgrace by Brittainy C. Cherry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“…No dick is worth falling apart over.”
Oh…well then.“That’s exactly what I didn’t need to hear.”
“It’s true, though. You’re crying over someone who probably isn’t worth it.”
“What makes you think he’s not worth it?”
“Because. You’re. Fucking. Crying. People don’t sit there sobbing over someone who makes them happy.”

No truer words have been spoken!
Okay, this review is hard, y’all. Not because the book wasn’t a great read, but rather because I’ve been finding it difficult to discern exactly how I feel. There are so many sides and intricacies that I feel like I’ll let down if I don’t explore them all. And the story, the characters, well, I just wasn’t ready.

The Story

I found that the depth of story was absolutely here. If you’re familiar with past works from this author, this story wasn’t quite on the same level as those – not because it’s lower, but rather because it seems so different. This is a story about loss at varying levels, love, family, life, and loyalty, and above all choices.

When Grace and Jackson find one another, their love didn’t play out in a typical “romance” fashion. Their love was broken, complicated, and real. Each of these people were broken, not for the same reasons, but broken nonetheless. There was no way they could build a lasting relationship on years of shattered dreams and confusing expectations, so when I saw them fumbling and failing, I felt it was perfect. Then, Brittainy did the one thing I absolutely hated, but knew was perfect – you’ll find out 😉

The Characters

Grace. At the beginning of the story, I was honestly annoyed with her because she is so vastly different from myself. She seemed so … fragile and lame. She didn’t seem to stand up for herself and was falling apart over every little thing, and I just wanted to shake her! When she finally began to wake up, and I saw more of her, I understood her frailty more as confusion. Then, when even more secrets are uncovered, there was the moment that Grace and I finally connected and I absolutely knew where her feelings were coming from and from then on, I was committed to her. “Sometimes life is so unfair. But I guess that’s the way it is. I guess I’m just an almost girl.”“An almost girl?” “You know…” she released a hard exhale. “The girl who almost gets the dream.”
Jackson. From the beginning I totally loved him, even in all his jerk-like ways. He was always blunt and straightforward, sometimes when it wasn’t tactful, but he was generally not over the top rude. His outward appearance and reputation was carefully crafted from years of dealing with an unrelenting town and bearing the whispers and repercussions of others’ mistakes. I found that although he was more together than Grace, he really didn’t know himself either. Throughout the course of the story, Jackson really became vulnerable (though not outwardly) and his character was one that I kind of loved. He had a lot of “alpha” qualities, but he still needed some time to complete himself.
Finley. Man, did I wanna punch him in the face! Now, that’s not to say that I’m sure he struggled and did genuinely put some effort into the marriage at some point, but … he frustrated me.
Josie. I LOVE HER! She is #bestfriendgoals
“How do you do that, Josie? See the good in everyone and find understanding for why people are the way they are?” “My parents taught me to zoom in, ya know? It’s easy to judge others from afar … We all bleed red, and even monster’s hearts can break. Just gotta remember to always zoom in.”
Judy. “You’re my sister, my heart, Grace. I’m always going to worry about you.” Although I was a little frustrated with her sometimes, Judy was a great sister and person. I was so proud of her!
Grace’s mom and dad are far too complicated to talk about in this review without giving a lot away. I will say that I am excited for their futures and glad they finally made some choices to improve not only their lives, but all those they have affected and are affecting.

Final Remarks & Lasting Impressions

This book was brutal, but in a different way from others I’ve read from this author. This story was complicated because it involved so many people and how their choices and actions affected one another. One thing I really got out of it was that our actions and choices, although mostly focused on ourselves, can have some very reaching consequences. Another aspect that hit me was that we shouldn’t judge someone without being more directly involved in life with them. I feel like this whole story revolved around choices, consequences, and judgement.

Even though I didn’t rate this story 5 stars, I truly loved it. There were a few things missing for me to get that last star, but nothing major, just those little things that are difficult to explain because you’re not even sure how to describe them. There was so much I wanted to put in this review, but even with what I included, I was afraid I ruined the story! This is definitely a story to be experienced and one that affected me.

“And Princess can you do one thing for me? … If you ever fall in love again, please let it be with me.”
“Jackson? … When you find you, come back to me.”

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