Book Review: Get You Some, Lani Lynn Vale

You want some?
She snarls those words at him with barely concealed hostility the moment he arrives at her window to ask for her license and registration.
After a few choice words, he lets her go with not one ticket, but three.
Next time she should check the attitude at the door and realize that he’s a cop, and just doing his job.
Come get some.
Fast forward a week, and he’s still unable to think about anything else but her and her bad attitude-oh, and those sexy lips, angry eyes, and her promise to make his life hell.
Knowing he should stay away, he takes a step back and tries not to think about anything that has to do with those long legs, and that mouth that could be used for much better things than spewing venom.
Then she makes a mistake.
At an interview, she rattles off a random number to use as a reference for a job that she desperately needs, and that number just happens to be Johnny’s.
She’ll regret being so rude, and one day she’ll think twice when she decides to throw attitude toward a man like him.
Vowing to make her life hell, he decides to have a little fun.
Never get enough.
What he doesn’t expect is to fall for her.
The more Johnny learns about June, the deeper he digs his hole. Soon, he doesn’t know which way is up, and he’s just fine with that.
Over time, he learns that not everyone bothers to dig past her prickly demeanor and get to the woman that lives deeper.
When one too many citizens of Hostel, Texas tries to back her against the wall, he’s had enough.
After all, you don’t mess with what’s his.



“What did I do to deserve you?” she asked. I grinned and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “I think you’ve got it all wrong.” “Oh yeah?” she asked. I nodded. “Yeah, it’s not what you did to deserve me. It’s what I did to deserve you.”

There’s always something about Lani Lynn Vale’s stories that just click with me. It’s not that they’re always my favorite stories or the ones I gush and gush about, but I always, always remember these stories and go back to them. In fact, I totally just binge-read Heroes of Dixie Warden MC, Dixie Warden Rejects MC, and Code 11-KPD SWAT, Kilgore Fire, Hail Raisers, and Uncertain Saints MC over my spring break! This story just gave me all the more reason to keep loving her writing.

It’s the characters that draw me in. They’re always flawed, make multiple mistakes, and in general just keep messing up. Sounds appealing, right? No, it sounds REAL. Beneath all these “flaws,” these characters have experienced life in a way that it has affected them for the future and it takes someone unique to break through and keep their heart safe. THESE are the stories I love to read.

This story gives us two characters who don’t seem meant for each other in any way — one that has been rejected by the town and another who can’t quite find their place in the community. Their first meeting is not a pleasant one, their second connection is not exactly pleasant, so why the heck would they see anything in each other?

I loved getting to know these two and I also truly enjoyed their story! Recommended!


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