Book Review: Lessons in Corruption, Giana Darling

51Nsx8oDi0L._SY346_He was eighteen.
The heir to a notorious, criminal MC.
And my student.

There was no way I could get involved.
No way I could stay involved.
Then, no way I could get out alive.

An MC student/teacher romance.



IMG-1600I’d been watching and it struck me that compared to the newcomers, there was no way the sexy blond I’d been lusting over was young. He carried himself well, regally even, like a king. A king at home in a grocery store parking lot, his throne the worn seat of an enormous Harley.

To begin, that blurb was NOTHING. C’mon, lady! But it turns out that the blurb is fitting and it’s actually nice going into a story with just the bare minimum.  Within the blurb, though, it does tell us that this is a “MC student/teacher romance.” Being a teacher, sometimes these stories make me feel extremely uncomfortable and conflicted in my feelings during the story. In all honesty, this story was no different, for me, in that respect. I found that even on my side of the pages, I was absolutely enamored with King, but not because of simple lust. He was for for sure described as an Adonis-like anomaly of humanity, but that wasn’t what drew me to him, and the fact that he was complete substance was something I wasn’t prepared for.

This … man-boy was one of the most beautiful alpha men I’ve read in a long while. I have a standard of alphas (in my own head, ya know), created by some of the first book men that captured, and held, my attention through the years of reading far too many stories. This one, though, was … something else entirely. It was like he was made of romance, MC bred alpha, and straight love. I’m not even certain I could classify him. It’s like, somehow, he was created from everything that’s ever swirled inside my head in the creation of a man. I seriously can’t express to you how affected I was by him.

Often in student/teacher romances I hold some resentment or judgment for the teacher involved. Why, you might ask? Being a teacher, I can’t imagine myself in such a situation and find myself feeling queasy when I hear stories of it happening anywhere near I live. When I really sat down and thought about why I was feeling so judgy, I realized it was because I would hope no person would risk the sanctity of their role for a simple physical urge. In this case, the connection was built outside of the classroom, and I could absolutely see how love could build and then be risked by the situation uncovered.

I feel like I’m blogging about life, and not simply sharing my review with y’all! But, damn, this man! “Beauty isn’t everything,” I protested weakly. His eyes remained somber but there was a twitch in his lips that told me he fought a smile. “Nah, it’s not. Lucky for you, I happen to like dorky, sweet librarian types with a hidden wealth of sass.” It was like, every single time he opened his mouth, it was with purpose. I’ve never met a more well versed male, in real life, or in print — another great point in favor of this story.

Lastly, because I know y’all are like, “END THIS NONSENSE, WOMAN,” I was blown away by the range of verbiage included! Not only were the characters given individual personalities that were unique and distinct to each, both in action and in word, the descriptions were impeccable! Situations, characters, and even within personal thoughts were all not only described skillfully, the correct words were used to exude feeling with those descriptions. Also, I love love loved so many of the word choices! (raucous is one of my favorite words!)

I know I’m late to this train, but I’m jumping on and am here for the long haul! New release this week and I’m staying up ALL NIGHT to finish that one! So. In. Love.

“And I’m not asking you to do that because you’re a fuckin’ hot lay. I’m asking you to risk everything to be my partner, to stand by my side and rule The Fallen men of Entrance, to lie, cheat, and steal, to breathe my fuckin’ breath, take my kisses and my cock and reign with me. Be the Iron Queen to my Fallen King.”
“Why?’ I croaked as my heart beat hard against the cage of my ribs like some rabid animal fighting to be freed.
“Because I love you,” he growled. “Because I fuckin’ love you enough to tear the world apart if it wrongs you, if it causes even a minute of misery for my girl with the whiskey eyes. Never felt this way about anything and I don’t want to ever again.”


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