Book Review: Tangled Love, Haley Jenner

51nqJJcZoYL.jpgCodi Rein is a means to an end. A bloody and vengeful penance for wrong doing. She was our way to inflict pain and suffering on those who took away what was most important to us.

She was supposed to be a no one. Insignificant.
She wasn’t supposed to make me smile.
She wasn’t supposed to make me laugh.
She sure wasn’t supposed to make me feel anything other than hate.
She wasn’t supposed to make me love her.

She was a means to an end. Now the bloody and vengeful end looks to be mine. Because it now comes down to love or loyalty and it’s on me to decide what reigns absolute; heart or family.


IMG-1600People talk about showin’ someone you love them, that love is in actions, not in words. Makes sense, but it doesn’t hurt hearing the person that makes your heart beat tell you that you’re that person for them too.

This book, y’all. The blurb doesn’t really do it justice, although it does give you the sense of impending doom … This book was dark, not gonna lie. There’s a lot going on that just isn’t kosher if you’re a law abiding citizen or someone who is just plain good. At the beginning, in all honesty, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this book. It wasn’t the writing or a lack of substance in the story, but it was more like I wasn’t sure if I could live with myself if I allowed my heart to truly get muddled by all the …  darkness that was swirling.

Okay, let’s start with the fact that I really can’t tell you as much as I’d like to, because this story takes a turn a little ways in. This story is best experienced by going in blind, so that you have the chance to not guess every twist and turn. I’ll try to tell you how I felt without giving anything away.

Parker & his brother have survived horrors that no child should. In this survival, they have grown into men with more than a chip on their shoulders. Codi is pulled into a scheme, unwittingly, and somehow becomes a pawn for revenge. Fortunately for Codi, she possesses a strength she’s never recognized: her pureness of heart. Codi bring laughter and light to anyone around her, and her ability to see the best in others and just to feel for them, this allows her to hold her footing in such a treacherous environment.

Codi & Parker’s roller coaster of a relationship was as beautiful as it was hideous. The beauty came in Codi sharing all that was her with Parker, who hadn’t been in the presence of such light in many years. “I’ve found over the years that hot women are a dime a dozen. Beauty, real beauty, the untouchable kind, it’s rare.” The part that lacked beauty was that even in the midst of all of their feelings swirling around them, the underlying feelings of revenge were never swayed.

No lie, I was a little scared of the darkness underlying this story. I wasn’t sure that I should like any of the characters involved OR even that I should be enjoying the story. I ran through the gambit of emotions trying to reason with myself and make myself believe that these feelings (good and bad) were real, and that these characters were something akin to human. In the end, it seemed the story was one that showed honesty within some really difficult to understand emotions.

I recommend this book, definitely if you enjoy stories that show a bit more of the dark side of human emotion. There’s also enough beauty in here that if you can deal with some of the human underbelly, you’ll love seeing this beauty unfold.

I have to believe that we would’ve always found one another. Or maybe we were always supposed to meet the way we did. Maybe it was our test. And we more than passed, we aced it, because people search their lives for what Parker and I share, and we found it. In hopeless circumstances, we held on, whether we knew we were or not. We held on as tight as we possibly could, and our tangled love prevailed.

Also, Rocco better be getting a book, and it better be going where I hope it’s going ….

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