Book Review: Until Kayla, C.C. Monroe-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World

38911943.jpgKayla Mackey

I was ready to run from my loss and find something to make me breathe again.
I didn’t know it could happen. Until Jase.

Jase Riding

I felt desolate and alone when I lost the best part of me. I didn’t know where I would find someone to mend the broken parts in me. That was… Until Kayla.

We met, and with a brief hello and a hushed profanity, we were hooked.

I swear we heard thunder when our eyes met.
Boom. And our lives were changed forever.



“You taste like something I’ve been missing.”

“What have you been missing?”

“A fucking heartbeat.”

“You think this will only last tonight? You couldn’t be more wrong, Kayla.
This is just the fucking beginning. You’re mine.”

Another single dad!! Y’all are MAKING MY WEEK! And a delightfully adorable one, at that. Nothing is better than a devoted dad! I seriously fell in love with Jase as soon as I witnessed him interacting with his daughter. “‘Not possible, little one. I’m your protector.’ I stop tickling, and her laughs settle as she catches her breath. ‘And my protector you will always be,’ she whispers back to me what I taught her to always respond when I say that. That was the first daddy/daughter lesson I taught her when she really started to talk. It’s the words of my soul…” 

These two. I’m honestly not sure exactly how it happened, but I totally fell for this couple. They both had a little baggage, but finding each other actually provided an outlet to help heal each of them and allow them to move forward. This story has actually had some of the best quotes and I was seriously swooning at their conversation almost every other page!

“…Is it healed all the way yet?” she questions.
I take a deep breath and search her eyes, my hands tightening on her back. “Not until I met you,” I choke out, unable to believe I’m actually admitting this to her.
“I came here, because I was running from something. But then I met you, and I knew I wasn’t running. I was chasing. I was searching for you.”

Needless to say, now I have to go back and read about Kayla’s friend and her love connection, because I’m totally being absorbed into ALL the worlds that are crossing over into the Until world! Have I mentioned, yet, how much I’m loving this world?

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