Book Review: Until You, Samantha Lind-Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World

38954645Cameron Burgress was ready for a new start.

New city, new job, and maybe one day, a new love. She just didn’t realize how quickly that could all happen until she walked into a tattoo shop, finally ready to get the ink she’d wanted since her fiancé died, nearly four years ago.

Ethan O’Neill had everything. Until one day, he didn’t.

After an off-ice injury stripped him of his hockey career, he started over in life, pursuing his other passion—tattoos. He’d never been the kind of guy to want to settle down, but that all changed one day, when a knock-out beauty strolled into his shop and into his life.

An instant attraction and a little bit of ink is the perfect mix for two people ready for change.


IMG-1600Cam steps onto the scene in a new city, just starting a new job, and carrying some pretty hefty sadness. When dealing with that sadness leads her to a tattoo parlor, she finds that this new place may offer a few new experiences she hadn’t counted on.

Ehtan has faced his own struggles, but in seeing Cam he knows she’s his. Fortunately, Ethan is a truly understanding guy, allowing Cam to move at her own pace as she attempts to move forward.

Have I mentioned how much I hate that these are so short! It’s like I get a small taste of these characters, and then I just have to let them go. I want more!!

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