Book Review: Happily Ever Alpha Kindle World-Until Arsen (Daniels Family), K.L. Donn


Love is a novel creature.
Mysterious, heart pounding, like smoke on the wind.
We find it, only to lose it.
Until Arsen Daniels…
Marina Parks didn’t think she’d ever have it.


IMG-1600“You ever see something you want and decide to go for it?”

“Umm, well I bought this car.” I say, not sure where he’s going with this. The way he bites the side of his lip draws my attention there. I have tunnel vision where he’s concerned it seems, and his face feels closer.

“You got the car’ I want the girl,” he murmurs before our lips touch.

Let’s start with that blurb, shall we? GAH! Can you say frustrating?! How much more mysterious could she get?! Turns out, though, it’s actually kind of perfect.

I’m in love with Arsen. I’m just going to say that now, and get it out there into the universe. So if she, the universe that is, could conjure me up one of those, I’d be eternally grateful. Arsen is just as feeling as he is strong. When you look at him, all you see, initially, is strength, but when you’re able to see past that – he is probably one of the most feeling male characters I’ve read.

Marina. My heart broke for her. She has dealt with such heartbreaking pain, and I can’t even imagine how I’d be move forward with my life after that. I can completely understand why she is so guarded and keeps to herself. When she meets Arsen, I just knew he was exactly what she needed.

This story had a lot of depth for a novella, and I am so happy I read it.
Also, that ending …<3


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