Book Review: The Hook-Up Experiment, Emma Hart

33826188.jpg1.Hate-screw my high school nemesis.
2.Remember to hate him.
3.Prove my brother wrong.
It should be easy.
It isn’t.

As the owner of Pick-A-D*ck, New Orleans’ premier hook-up website, my job is simple. Connect two people for a no-strings, no-expectations hook-up. The plus for my clients is that I’m the one who gets to sift through the d*ck pics—except this time, they’re required.

My problem? My brother, co-owner of Pick-A-D*ck’s sister dating site, doesn’t believe it’s possible to hook up with someone three times and not fall in love.
I disagree. I know it’s possible.

And my disagreement is exactly how I end up reconnected with my high school nemesis, Elliott Sloane. The guy who asked me to junior prom and then stood me up. Who egged my car when I rejected him, and convinced my senior homecoming date to ghost me.

It should be easy to hate-screw him. If only he was still that person, instead of a hot-as-hell single dad, working as a builder to make ends’ meet, fighting for custody of his daughter.

Three hook-ups.
One outcome.



“You run your own business. You own your house. You own your car. You’re strong and independent. You don’t allow anyone to take advantage of you. You’re headstrong and determined. You’re ambitious, and you don’t settle for anything less than the best. But, you’re also compassionate and supportive, and you would drop anything to help the people you love.” Jake held out his hands. “You’re a pain in my fucking ass, but you’re one hell of a woman, Peyton Austin. That little girl would  be lucky to have you as her role model.”

This book was definitely so much more than I anticipated. I was introduced to Peyton in The Upside to Being Single, and she was a character that seemed to just LIVE every moment. She was beyond loyal to her friends, but I wasn’t sure exactly how much I would be able to connect with a girl as confident at Peyton. Even beginning this story, I was a bit disconnected because never in my life have I had 1/4 of the confidence that Peyton carries with her on a daily basis. But not too long after the story began, I met Mimi (her grandmother), and I fell in love. Knowing how she acted when she was around her grandmother and seeing how her grandmother treated her, I knew there was a deeper part to Peyton.

When Elliot was introduced, I thought it would be easy to hate him (seeing as he’d done Peyton wrong, of course!), but it surprisingly wasn’t. There was a lot about him, even initially, that kept me interested and made him seem like such a genuine person. As the story progressed, I totally fell in love with him. And his daughter — oh. my. gosh. I ADORE her! I think one of my favorite things about Emma is her ability to write some of the best kiddos out there!

Overall, this book made me laugh, and it made me swoon. I love stories that can be a little silly, but still bring out the depth in their characters and make you feel a bit of realness in them. I totally loved reading this one and will be IMPATIENTLY waiting for Chloe’s story!


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