Book Review: Hyde’s Absolution, Nina Levine

24655635.jpgMonroe Lee is a handful.
She fights me, challenges me and tries to resist me.

Where I’m jagged, she’s smooth.
Where I’m dark, she’s pure.
Where I’m broken, she’s whole.

I am not a good man.
I’ve hurt everyone I’ve ever loved.
I should walk away before I ruin her too.

But fuck, we are fire together.
And I’ve been out in the cold too long.

At a time when everything is falling down around me, she might just be my saviour.



“…But I read some of the shit your doctor gave you to read, and it’s normal for you to not want sex straight away, so I’m fairly fucking sure that the time is going to come soon where you won’t be able to keep yourself off my dick.”
“You read that stuff?”
“Of course I read that stuff. I’m your partner in this, Tenille. You’ve done the physical stuff. Let me help you with everything else.”

Cue major swooning. Hyde has always seemed … well, fairly crazy. His mood shifts from low to high and back in a matter of minutes, and he always seems to go against members of the club. Multiple times it has seemed like he is going to leave the club, and in Devil’s Vengeance we’re hit with some extremely surprising news!
Okay, you’re going to find out anyway, so …
Hyde has a kid. And a wife.

I legit almost flopped off my couch at that news. WHAT?!!?
First off, who the heck could put up with this beast long enough to marry him?

Once I moved past that issue, the story continues and you find out all the things about Hyde, his family, how he acquired them, and what’s going on with them now. Hyde’s daughter is … well, she’s a teenager. And if Hyde thinks his moods are something, he’s about to encounter the world of teenage girl. Although thrown for a loop, Hyde makes a surprisingly valiant attempt to be an outstanding father — something I didn’t expect. His daughter’s life hasn’t been easy, so to see Hyde sucking it up and being fatherly was something swoonworthy in itself. “She’d always be my baby. One day she’d grasp that. I’d make fucking sure of it.
But here it was King (oh goodness, King<3) that really just exuded wisdom that was completely on point: “Talk to her mother and find out what shit she likes to do and then spend time doing that with her. It’ll be a start. Time’s what you gotta give.” How true that is. So often we forget that others don’t always want things from us, but rather they want our time and our effort. Who knew King had it in him?

Now, his love interest here … I’m hesitant to tell you. I LOVE how this story went, but there’s a lot to be said for experiencing it and making all the wrong assumptions I did (oh, and you will!). But man, when it happens … it happens. Hyde give EVERYTHING to her, and let’s her know it, too: “His lips bruised mine when he stole another kiss from me. ‘Give me everything, and I’ll give it right back to you.” Oh, and did he ever. Hyde had a lot of demons to battle, but once he gives, you get it ALL.

That ending! I seriously NEED King’s book right now. There’s so much happening with the club, their enemies, heck even WITHIN the club … gah! I want to know what exactly is going on! Right now, I can’t trust anyone!

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