Author Spotlight: Rebecca Gibson


Rebecca M. Gibson grew up in Cornwall, UK where inspiration was never hard to come by. zCWaaDT0_400x400.jpgFrom writing ghost stories on her mum’s computer, to completing her first novel, stories have always interested her.

Fascinated by letters and poems written in the First World War, she tries to understand the complexities of emotion and the phenomenal strength of the human mind…or at least, that’s her justification for giving her characters more than their fair share of turmoil.

She studied for a Psychology Degree at Aberystwyth University, although being a novelist has always been her dream. She has now crossed over to the dark side and lives in Devon, UK. She’s sorry.

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Book Trailers

Diamonds Fall

“She noticed as if in a dream, a single diamond hair comb fall to the floor. The sparkling jewels landed face down in the mud.”

Annabel Maria Hoddington is the epitome of high society. She has everything money can buy and as befits a lady of her station, is engaged to the richest bachelor in England. However, on the day of her eighteenth birthday – her perfect future on the brink of fulfilment – she is abducted and held hostage in an isolated village, where she finds herself entrapped in the harsh world of poverty. Forced to live amongst three mentally scarred siblings, she must adapt to her new, sinister world…or die.


Currently FREE & available on Kindle Unlimited!


Rubies Fall (Diamonds Fall #2)

He shot everything that moved in a blind fury. It was as if he were floating 15002266_1330231223674240_2030028386533056590_ooutside his body, his flesh acting on pure animal instinct. To kill or be killed. It was exhilarating.

Grayson is the perfect twentieth century gentleman. Whilst the world waits for him to choose a wife, he dreams of romanticism, adventure and poetry. Thus, when war is declared in August 1914, he takes up his chance for glory, unknowingly marching head first into the bloodiest war the world has ever seen.





Diamonds Fall | Rubies Fall

Both titles are available on Kindle Unlimited & Diamonds Fall is currently FREE!

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