Book Review: Fleeting Moments


One single moment changes everything
In one breath, you can have it all
A split-second later, it can all disappear
Vanished forever

 That was me
I had it all
Then in a cruel twist of fate, it was taken from me
A beautiful life gone in a flash

 But he was there
He was there to pick me up when I fell
To protect me
My savior. My rock.

 He was just a stranger
Just a selfless stranger with a face I’ll never forget
Can’t forget
Won’t forget

 And like everything else, he just disappeared
As if he never existed
I have to find him
need to find him

He has to know that he saved me

 He has to know that in that one fleeting moment, he was all I could see


My Review 2

The events of the first chapters are so relevant, so unexpected, and completely life altering. I cannot imagine how I would react not only within these moments, but following.

How do you go back to the life you lived before? How do you look people in the eye that have no idea what surviving meant? How can you trust the people you love when they don’t stand by you?

My initial reaction to Lucy comes in two parts.

  1. I cannot imagine what it feels like for her-both involving the events she encountered and the personal ones following. I have no words, no emotions, nothing to convey or understand.
  2. Even with the above, Lucy sincerely aggravated me. I don’t want to give any surprises away, but she was asked, repeatedly, to follow some specific instructions. She ignored that and kept trying to prove her point to those around her. Now, let’s remember I don’t know what it would be like to be in her situation, but if she could have listened to the advice given to her (not by those people who didn’t have her back, but by this person), then I feel she could’ve alleviated some stress within her family.

That being said, those were my initial reactions … There’s more to the story.

The main characters in the story discover each other through moments-small measures of time which often mean nothing, but to them mean everything. The story itself (which I’m not going to give away), is interesting. There are multiple variables in this story, and many intertwine and overlap. I really enjoyed the way the story wove itself around the characters.

And, Heath … LOVE! There were so many moments he made me swoon throughout the story. He’s definitely not perfect; in fact, there were a couple of times I wanted to shake some sense into him! But ultimately he was a man who gave himself, and his heart, fully. Also, there were some pretty steamy scenes … and Heath definitely wins there too 😉

Even with my frustrations at some choices by the characters, I enjoyed the story a lot.

And I’m telling you right now, it’s not what you were expecting!

It’s simple, Lucy girl,” he says, reaching over and taking my hand.
“We create more moments. A lifetime of them.”

4 star doodle

Releases July 19!

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